Migrate from Sage50 to QBO

Form to send the file for QBO convertion
  • Name of the company that needs to be converted into QBO.
  • If you already have a QuickBooks account you want data to be migrated into, please inform us the company Name and ID here.
    To find your company id please click "GEAR" > "YOUR ACCOUNT". When that opens, click the "COMPANY INFO" tab on the left. The ID should be in the upper left corner.
    You can also see here: Account ID
  • And invite info@accountanthub.com to join the company as an administrator. Please see how to do this here: User management
    Notice, that the account needs to be “blank/empty”, meaning that it cannot contain any transactions etc.
    If you do not have a QuickBooks account we will create one for you.
  • If you do not have a QuickBooks account already, please choose which QuickBooks version you wish to use.
  • Is there anything else you wold like us to notice, please inform us here:
  • Please upload your file here - MAX 256MB
    Accepted file types: zip, gzip, rar, 001.
  • If the file is protected by a username and password please let us know here:
  • Please accept our terms: Terms & Conditions